OpenEats releases first Release Candidate

We are one step closer to the first 1.0 release of OpenEats. This release hopes to fix a major issue that the project has had since day one.  It is hard to install for your average user.  The previous release introduced a new installer that was to help with this issue, sadly it didn’t work in most cases.  We have started all over again with a brand new installer that has been fully tested.  This new installer should install OpenEats in almost all envioremnets that can run PHP.  The install documentation has also been re-vamped making it easier to follow along.  Besides the installer several bugs have been fixed that have been reported by the community.  If you haven’t been able to install older releases of OpenEats and still want to try, this is the release for you! You can download this at Please give it a try and report any issues you have in the forums.  The full changelog is below.  We hope to have the final version out early in Janurary.

Version 1.0RC1 12/28/08

===Recipe Module===

– BUG:  Fixed a bug where if an admin user modified another users recipe, then the admin user would become the owner of the recipe
– BUG: Fixed a bug that would allow empty keywords to be saved to the database

===Search Module===

– BUG: Fixed a bug where a search index would not be created if the search_index folder was missing
– BUG: Fixed a bug where if you rated a recipe, the search index didn’t get updated to reflect the new rate of the recipe

==Admin Module==

– BUG: The admin module is not really maintained any more and does not really work so I am removing it from this release and I will think of a better way to do it with the next major release…1.1

===Menu Module==
-BUG: Fixed a bug where the user name was not passed to the Menu List action after a user deleted a menu

===Keyword Module===

-ENH: Change the keyword separation from a space to a comma to allow for common two word keywords such as peanut butter


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