OpenEats Releases 1.0!

After over two years of hard work OpenEats has finally reached 1.0 stable status.  I started this project on Jan 16th 2006.  It began one day after not being satisfied with the other recipe management sites out there.  I really wanted to create OpenEats for myself, sort of a challenge to learn PHP.  I had not planned to release it to the general public for I never thought it would be good enough or actually work.  The project started out with just a few rough plans of features and requirements.  At the time I had a few people on board who also had a passion to create something.  Those people eventually went on to other things.  At that point I was not happy with the code and started all over again using a “new kid” on the block PHP framework.  I never could of done this with out symfony this frame work saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Around a year into development I found someone who was going to school for marketing Nicolas Schudel not only created the OpenEats logo, but developed the “Brand Identity” of the project.   We where included in his research paper on Open Source and Brand Identities which I found here.  Before him OpenEats was just black text on a white background.

As this was a hobby, I took my time with it.  There would be months I would go with out touching it because life got in the way, or I had reached a point of frustration and needed a break.  OpenEats challenged me in every way.  Several times I had almost gave up and deleted the whole project for I felt I was not good enough to figure something out.  But I would always come back and get it working.  Once I got it to a use-able state, and I had friends and family tell me how great it was, I knew I had something and I had to finish it.

I have meet many great people during the development of OpenEats.   One person, Chad Parry, even took my project and started work on his own with my code base.  He contributed a lot of features, ideas, and helped me with a lot of issues I had been struggling with.  He was there when I really needed it, and turned the it into a very usable product.  Most recently someone answered a ad I had posted for some CSS design help.  With out Nick Morelli’s help, this release would not be here today.  It may of been several more months before it got out the door.  I am not a CSS guy, and he helped fix the mess I created so that OpenEats looks right in all browsers.  He also has great ideas on how to improve the over all usability of OpenEats for future releases.

Thank you to everyone that has helped OpenEats reach this goal.  A big thank you goes out to my wife Jenna for putting up with me why I developed this application, and giving allowing me to spend so much time on the computer working on this.

OpenEats has been downloaded over 200 times and is being used in America, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.  To try out this 1.0 release you can download it here.  Or you can start using it today at

This isn’t the end of OpenEats either there will be many more releases with features that you have requested in the near future.



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  2. Chad Parry said

    Congratulations! It takes a lot of dedication to follow through to a 1.0 release

  3. openeats said

    Couldn’t of done it with your help!

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