Spring Break from Coding OpenEats

I have mixed news to report today.  The 1.2 version of OpenEats that was released a few days ago, will be the last of the 1.x releases, not including bug fixes.  This means that any future releases of the 1.x version of OpenEats will only include bug fixes not any new features.

Fear not, this does  not mean the project is done.  I will be busy planing the next version of OpenEats, version 2.0.  This is going to be a complete re-write from the ground up.  I have learned a lot about programming since I started OpenEats and I want to improve the software.  Some big features have been requested, such as internationalization. I could “tack” features such as this on to the current code base, but it wouldn’t be 100%.  To do it right I need to start from scratch.

The days are getting warmer and warmer and I will not be coding to much during Spring and Summer.  Instead I will be working with people to plan, and design the 2.0 version of OpenEats.  Along with a new version, we are going to start coming up with a marketing plan on how to get OpenEats used by more people.

I will start posting features for the 2.0 release here so stay tuned.


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