OpenEats 2 Development has begun

After a long planning sessions and a bit of a break, I have started working on OpenEats 2.  Here is a quick snap shot of what it is looking like so far.  Still a ton of work to do though.  This screen shot is mostly a mock up, the links and data are just hard coded. I am working on getting the look right first before coding.

OpenEats 2

OpenEats 2



  1. Oliver said

    Great works. Thanks you

  2. PapaGeek said

    I haven’t checked on your blog for a while, I am excited to read that 2.0 Development is moving along.
    Can’t wait to see the results. I am heading over to the project site on Sourceforge right now. 🙂

    • openeats said

      Afraid there isn’t anything to down load yet, still a big work in progress. I hope to have more screen shots up in a few days/weeks.

      • PapaGeek said

        No pressure, I just wanted to get myself up to date with the your project. I did send you a message through Sourceforge 🙂

  3. Luke said

    Nice design but one of the things that bugged me with OpenEats was the design was fixed – would it be possible for this version to support templates?

    Thanks for your great work. I plan to combine OpenEats with a cuecat barcode scanner and ISBN database so I will always know exactly what I have in the pantry.

    • PapaGeek said

      Dude, wait…What!!??
      ISBN!!? Do you mean UPC barcode?
      I’ve been fantasizing about having a an inventory of my pantry and scanning grocery when I bring it home as well as when I use it up.
      I haven’t done much work as far as coding goes, but i have A LOT of ideas. Let’s cook up something.
      Also, I am throwing this out there. How about developing Open Eats as a Joomla Extension??

      • openeats said

        Hmmmm It woudl be really hard to add OE to Joomla since it is such a massive code base for OE. I am afraid I just don’t have enough time to look into that since I am the sole developer :(.

  4. Patty Gale said

    We’ve seen Open Eats before and so far, it looks to be just what we’re looking for… simple to use, interractive, RSS.

    My husband is an aspiring culinary chef and we’ve been searching for a recipe script for a project that we would launch by Jan 1st.

    Would it be possible to add a regular content piece to this that resides inside the script with the recipes…. similar to article content.

    For example, my husband wants to use Open Eats as a teaching tool, so it would be really cool to have a place for the chef to add tips, ideas, hints, etc. and embed YouTube video in order to present cooking demonstrations.

    It could be another selection item, much in the same way that meal planner, menu and grocery list is a section, in which he could also add subcategories… kind of like incorporating a blog into the script.

  5. openeats said

    THank you for all the suggestions. I have not had any time in the last 6 months to even think about OpenEats let alone work on it. I am not sure when I will be able to get back to this project either. So it may be a very long wait till OpenEats 2.0 is released.

  6. PapaGeek said

    That’s too bad. I hope you’re successful in the things that kept busy.

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