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Spring Break from Coding OpenEats

I have mixed news to report today.  The 1.2 version of OpenEats that was released a few days ago, will be the last of the 1.x releases, not including bug fixes.  This means that any future releases of the 1.x version of OpenEats will only include bug fixes not any new features.

Fear not, this does  not mean the project is done.  I will be busy planing the next version of OpenEats, version 2.0.  This is going to be a complete re-write from the ground up.  I have learned a lot about programming since I started OpenEats and I want to improve the software.  Some big features have been requested, such as internationalization. I could “tack” features such as this on to the current code base, but it wouldn’t be 100%.  To do it right I need to start from scratch.

The days are getting warmer and warmer and I will not be coding to much during Spring and Summer.  Instead I will be working with people to plan, and design the 2.0 version of OpenEats.  Along with a new version, we are going to start coming up with a marketing plan on how to get OpenEats used by more people.

I will start posting features for the 2.0 release here so stay tuned.


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OpenEats releases version 1.2

Today a new version of OpenEats has been released.  The 1.2 version introduces a “Admin Interface”.  I have created several new modules allowing you to control the backend of OpenEats with out having to get your hands dirty using SQL statements.  This new version offers some of the following new features;

  1. New Administrative module to edit and delete ingredients
  2. New Administrative module to add, edit, and delete courses
  3. New Administrative module to add, edit, and delete ethnicity types
  4. New Administrative module to edit, and delete users
  5. New Administrative tools to edit, delete  recipes and change the owner of recipes
  6. New Administrative tools for maintenance of your site.
  7. Separate “Quick Menus” for both moderators and administrators of the site to quickly access the Admin tools
  8. New Admin application that ties all the admin modules together

You can download this new reelase here

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OpenEats 1.1.1 Release fixes major bug with 1.1

It seems a major bug was recenlty found for people who did a fresh install of OpenEats 1.1.  I had a typo in the class files that link to the database, and when you saved a recipe, it would call the wrong table name.  This was not a issue for people who did the upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 so it took a while to find it.  This has now been fixed in the 1.1.1 release that was just released.

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OpenEats 1.1 is out in the wild

OpenEats has just released their new version 1.1.  This version introuduces a lot of request features and several bug fixes.  To download this new version head over to For any issues please visit our forums

New Features:

  • Prior to 1.1 you could not add the same ingredient more then once to a recipe.  With this new release you now have the freedeom to add the same ingredient as many times as you want to any recipe
  • Recipe history is a new feature that list the four most recent recipes you have viewed on the right upper side bar, allowing you to quickly go back and forth between recipes you are looking at
  • A new upgrade script that allows you to easily upgrade to a new version of OpenEats was included in this release
  • A new delete link is now displayed next to all your menus when you view the list menu page.  That was you can easily remove menus with out having to click into each menu to view it prior to deleting it
  • You can now add items to your menus that are not recipes in OpenEats.  This comes in handy if you want to list a certain type of wine you will be serving with your menu.  Prior to this release you could only add items found in OpenEats to your menus.
  • You can change the descriptions of recipes you add to menus.  In the past you had to use the despcrtiptions that the recipe creator added to a recipe.  Now when you add a recipe to a menu you can alter that description just for your menu.
  • Enhanced the users profile by adding a new section that will list the most recent recipes a user has commented on and rated
  • You can now add your email address so that it is displayed on all the error pages, prior to this it would display a bogus email address and you would have to edit each error page by hand to change it to your address.


  • Corrected a bug that would not displlay a picture for a recipe if the recipe title was very long
  • Corrected a bug in the Grocery List feature where a new row was not generated properly when you added a recipe to a new Grocery List
  • Corrected a bug where you could not schedule a menu the link was not passing the proper information
  • Corrected a bug where the quanity of items was not being displayed properly on grocery lists
  • Corrected a bug when you added a recipe to a menu, you where not properly being redirected to the menu page after the recipe was added.

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New Upgrade Instructions for next release of OpenEats

We are getting closer and closer the 1.1 release. I have just updated the install instructions and created a new upgrade document.  Stay tuned we hope to release this next great version of OpenEats this week after a few more days of testing.

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OpenEats Releases 1.0!

After over two years of hard work OpenEats has finally reached 1.0 stable status.  I started this project on Jan 16th 2006.  It began one day after not being satisfied with the other recipe management sites out there.  I really wanted to create OpenEats for myself, sort of a challenge to learn PHP.  I had not planned to release it to the general public for I never thought it would be good enough or actually work.  The project started out with just a few rough plans of features and requirements.  At the time I had a few people on board who also had a passion to create something.  Those people eventually went on to other things.  At that point I was not happy with the code and started all over again using a “new kid” on the block PHP framework.  I never could of done this with out symfony this frame work saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Around a year into development I found someone who was going to school for marketing Nicolas Schudel not only created the OpenEats logo, but developed the “Brand Identity” of the project.   We where included in his research paper on Open Source and Brand Identities which I found here.  Before him OpenEats was just black text on a white background.

As this was a hobby, I took my time with it.  There would be months I would go with out touching it because life got in the way, or I had reached a point of frustration and needed a break.  OpenEats challenged me in every way.  Several times I had almost gave up and deleted the whole project for I felt I was not good enough to figure something out.  But I would always come back and get it working.  Once I got it to a use-able state, and I had friends and family tell me how great it was, I knew I had something and I had to finish it.

I have meet many great people during the development of OpenEats.   One person, Chad Parry, even took my project and started work on his own with my code base.  He contributed a lot of features, ideas, and helped me with a lot of issues I had been struggling with.  He was there when I really needed it, and turned the it into a very usable product.  Most recently someone answered a ad I had posted for some CSS design help.  With out Nick Morelli’s help, this release would not be here today.  It may of been several more months before it got out the door.  I am not a CSS guy, and he helped fix the mess I created so that OpenEats looks right in all browsers.  He also has great ideas on how to improve the over all usability of OpenEats for future releases.

Thank you to everyone that has helped OpenEats reach this goal.  A big thank you goes out to my wife Jenna for putting up with me why I developed this application, and giving allowing me to spend so much time on the computer working on this.

OpenEats has been downloaded over 200 times and is being used in America, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.  To try out this 1.0 release you can download it here.  Or you can start using it today at

This isn’t the end of OpenEats either there will be many more releases with features that you have requested in the near future.

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OpenEats releases first Release Candidate

We are one step closer to the first 1.0 release of OpenEats. This release hopes to fix a major issue that the project has had since day one.  It is hard to install for your average user.  The previous release introduced a new installer that was to help with this issue, sadly it didn’t work in most cases.  We have started all over again with a brand new installer that has been fully tested.  This new installer should install OpenEats in almost all envioremnets that can run PHP.  The install documentation has also been re-vamped making it easier to follow along.  Besides the installer several bugs have been fixed that have been reported by the community.  If you haven’t been able to install older releases of OpenEats and still want to try, this is the release for you! You can download this at Please give it a try and report any issues you have in the forums.  The full changelog is below.  We hope to have the final version out early in Janurary.

Version 1.0RC1 12/28/08

===Recipe Module===

– BUG:  Fixed a bug where if an admin user modified another users recipe, then the admin user would become the owner of the recipe
– BUG: Fixed a bug that would allow empty keywords to be saved to the database

===Search Module===

– BUG: Fixed a bug where a search index would not be created if the search_index folder was missing
– BUG: Fixed a bug where if you rated a recipe, the search index didn’t get updated to reflect the new rate of the recipe

==Admin Module==

– BUG: The admin module is not really maintained any more and does not really work so I am removing it from this release and I will think of a better way to do it with the next major release…1.1

===Menu Module==
-BUG: Fixed a bug where the user name was not passed to the Menu List action after a user deleted a menu

===Keyword Module===

-ENH: Change the keyword separation from a space to a comma to allow for common two word keywords such as peanut butter

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