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New Upgrade Instructions for next release of OpenEats

We are getting closer and closer the 1.1 release. I have just updated the install instructions and created a new upgrade document.  Stay tuned we hope to release this next great version of OpenEats this week after a few more days of testing.


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Improved Installer

One of the biggest issues with OpenEats, that has been pointed out by several users, is the fact it is hard to install.  The last release of OpenEats introduced a new installer.  As it turns out that installer was not up to snuff.  It barely worked, and required several dependecies that most users on “shared host” providers may not have.  To solve this issue I have re-writting the installer in hopes to provide uses with a some what painless install.  In the coming days I will be testing this installer under several sceniors to iron out all the bugs prior to the 1.0 release.

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