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A few more bugs closer to stable

One of the users of OpenEats has reported several minor bugs over the last week.

  1. Allowing blank keyword to be saved to the database
  2. Incorrect URL to the Admin interface
  3. If the admin user modified another users recipe, then the admin would become the owner of the recipe

Thank you so much for pointing this bugs out.  I have been able to squash all three of them and they shall be part of the next release.  The second beta has been downloaded over 60 times, and we have had only one user report bugs.  Come on if you downloaded and are using it please let us know. If you can’t get it installed, let us know too.  We are willing to help, or even do the install for you.  For we need people testing the software.

One feature I am thinking of adding before the final release, is having the last x number of recipes that you look at, saved in a temporary tool bar, so that you can easily go back and forth between recipes. This would be helpful if you are trying to compare recipes.  I have created a poll to see if anyone would be interested in this feature so go vote.


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