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OpenEats 2 – Adding Recipes

As development is moving forward on the next major release of OpenEats, I wanted to take time out and solicit some information. I am about to start to work on the form for adding recipes to OpenEats, and wanted to know what everyone would like to see improved from the previous version.  What don’t you like about how you add recipes now?  What do you like about it?  How would you like to change it?  Please leave suggestions in the comments.


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OpenEats 1.2 is on its way

I know activity has been slow on getting 1.2 out the door.  I haven’t had as much time as I like to work on it. Good news however, over the last week I have ended up on a programming role, and have most of the new admin interface done so look for version 1.2 in the coming weeks.

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New Upgrade Instructions for next release of OpenEats

We are getting closer and closer the 1.1 release. I have just updated the install instructions and created a new upgrade document.  Stay tuned we hope to release this next great version of OpenEats this week after a few more days of testing.

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Diet Version of OpenEats

When I was planning OpenEats, it was always my intention to release two versions.  The one you see now, and a “diet version”  The diet version would be based off the same code base as the current version, just slimmed down.  It would be more suited to people who want to run OpenEats on a computer to just store their own recipes.  The following features would be removed to make the diet version all about recipes;

  • No comments or rating
  • No menus
  • No grocery lists
  • No accounts or sign in
  • The recipe page would have far less requirements it would be  more open to just recipes and not centered around categories or tagging
  • No meal planner
  • No separate ingredient area, you could add ingredients in a large text box instead of drop down boxes
  • No requirement on a separate database.

As you can see it would be a very basic web site.  The question is does anyone see a reason to do this?  If there is a demand I will create it.

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Future Releases of OpenEats

We are almost to the 1.0 final release and we have planned out a fair amount of the new features for future releases of OpenEats.  But first I want to discuss the versioning of OpenEats.

The 1.0.x will contain only bug fixes and no new features.

The 1.X will contain new features along with bug fixes.

The following features are planned for version 1.1 and will be fleshed out in further detail after the 1.0 final release.

  • One of the most requested features is to the ability to have a ingreident appear more then once  on a recipe.  This feature will be part of the 1.1 release and is working on my development server
  • Recipes are visual and the picture feature of OpenEats needs to stand out more. I am not 100% sure how this will flesh out, but I want the pictures of recipes to play a bigger part then just a thumbnail next to the title
  • The last three recipes a user has looked at will appear in a navigation bar to allow them to easily jump back and forth when trying to compare recipes
  • OpenEats needs to be more “social” and to do that you will be able to follow users and get notified when you login when a user that you are following has submited a new recipe.  You will also be able to see what a user last commented on or rated
  • The menu feature needs some love, right now you can’t add anything to it that is not on OpenEats.  This does not make sense, if you are going to make a hamburger with fries, you won’t find a fry recipe on OpenEats.  So to fix this you will be able to add things to the menus that are not recipes on OpenEats.  Along with that you will be able to edit all the descritptions of the items you add to a menu so that you are not stuck with what is contained with a recipe.
  • The upgrade procedure will be improved by re-naming default config files so they do not over write your config files every time you do an upgrade.  Along with having a web interface that will load any database changes since the previous version.
  • The email address that is displayed in the event a user gets an issue with your site is hard coded.  I am going to make this a configuration option during the install so that you can change it

For 1.2 we have planned only two features, but they are major.

  • An Admin interface to the backend of OpenEats.  We will solicte feed back from the community on what they want to see.
  • Internalization so that OpenEats can be enjoyed by anyone

If there is something else you would like to see please post a comment here or a comment in our forums.

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A few more bugs closer to stable

One of the users of OpenEats has reported several minor bugs over the last week.

  1. Allowing blank keyword to be saved to the database
  2. Incorrect URL to the Admin interface
  3. If the admin user modified another users recipe, then the admin would become the owner of the recipe

Thank you so much for pointing this bugs out.  I have been able to squash all three of them and they shall be part of the next release.  The second beta has been downloaded over 60 times, and we have had only one user report bugs.  Come on if you downloaded and are using it please let us know. If you can’t get it installed, let us know too.  We are willing to help, or even do the install for you.  For we need people testing the software.

One feature I am thinking of adding before the final release, is having the last x number of recipes that you look at, saved in a temporary tool bar, so that you can easily go back and forth between recipes. This would be helpful if you are trying to compare recipes.  I have created a poll to see if anyone would be interested in this feature so go vote.

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New look

After a few weeks of looking, I have good news to announce.  We found a designer to fix all the crappy CSS work I have caused.  Soon OpenEats will look and function the same in most modern browsers and screen resolutions.  This was the last major hurdle before the final release of 1.0.  This will allow me to concerntrate on ironing out the last few small issues to make the 1.0 release the best release yet!.  Stay tuned, we hope to have the next release with the CSS fixes, out after the holidays.

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