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Site has moved

The development site has moved please visit the new site at


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Development has started again

Good news everyone development has been under way for about a month now of the OpenEats 2.0.  This is a complete re-write, and a switch of the language it is created in.  I am changing the project from PHP to Python, using Django web framework.  More news to follow……

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OpenEats 2 Development has begun

After a long planning sessions and a bit of a break, I have started working on OpenEats 2.  Here is a quick snap shot of what it is looking like so far.  Still a ton of work to do though.  This screen shot is mostly a mock up, the links and data are just hard coded. I am working on getting the look right first before coding.

OpenEats 2

OpenEats 2

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OpenEats Design for version 2

We have been busy trying to lay out the design plan for the next release of OpenEats 2.  In order to know what we are building we thought it would be wise to lay it out so we have a map to follow along this journey.  So far we are around 25% through the design.  We are just fleshing out some of the high level details and features.  To view our current work head over to As the design grows this page will be updated.

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Features for OpenEats 2.0

I have been brain storming over the last few weeks and have came up with a list of features that I want to include in the 2.o version of OpenEats.  Please feel free to add any comments below for features you would like to see.

Frame Work

Use symfony 1.2 for the frame work

Use Jquery for the Javascript frame work


Create a new UI that transitions between pages smoothly

Create a new layout and theme

Have the recipe pictures be larger and stand out more


Become fully I8LN

Release with at least one other language pack besides English

Become UTF-8 compliant


Allow other databases besides MySQL to be used

Allow rollback using try/catch to prevent recipes from being half entered


Allow users to have avatars (may use gravatar for this)

Allow users to become friends of other users so they can follow what they are doing

Expand the comments section to other areas

Create a way to export the meal planner to Ical

Expand the Headline module to more like a CMS or a blog to post cooking tips etc.

Expand on the rating system allow users to re-rate recipes and each other

Expand on the tag/keyword system making a more intercal part of the site.


Create it more modular by turning modules into plugins so that a user can choose to include or not include the features that they want

Allow recipes to be exported into PDF’s

Create a mobile version of the site, mainly around the grocery list

WYSIYWG editor to be used through out the site


Prevent spam in the comments section

Enable output escaping to prevent XSS attacks

Enable session tokens in forms to prevent CSRF attacks

Grocery List

Show the recipes along with the grocery list that users have added to the list

Allow users to remove a recipe from the grocery list that would remove all the ingredients they added


Use RSS feeds to notify users when logged into the admin panel that an update is available

Installer and Updater integrated into the app using Symfony

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OpenEats Install documentation updated

To help ease the pain of the installation of OpenEats. I have updated the install documentation. Along with that I have also added the install documentation to this blog.

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