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Onward to a stable OpenEats

A few days ago we released the first beta version of OpenEats.  In a few days we have had around 30 downloads from Sourceforge with only one user providing feedback thus far.  I hope to start getting feed back soon about any bugs that users have ran across.  I need your help in order to make OpenEats a success.  I have found a few bugs in the current beta version that have been fixed and will be apart of the next release.  This first stable release is going to lack a robust installer, and I am afraid many people may have to use the manual approach.  To help offset this trouble I will offer installation servers performed by myself for no cost.  The more users I can help get OpenEats up and running the better this app can become.  The major outstanding issue I see that I must get done before the offical 1.0 release can come out, is cleaning up the CSS mess I have created.  I am not a style guy, and my CSS is crap.  I am trying to find someone out there to help me clean up the mess I have created.  I hope to find someone soon because that right now to me is the only show stopper of getting the final release out the door.


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