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Diet Version of OpenEats

When I was planning OpenEats, it was always my intention to release two versions.  The one you see now, and a “diet version”  The diet version would be based off the same code base as the current version, just slimmed down.  It would be more suited to people who want to run OpenEats on a computer to just store their own recipes.  The following features would be removed to make the diet version all about recipes;

  • No comments or rating
  • No menus
  • No grocery lists
  • No accounts or sign in
  • The recipe page would have far less requirements it would be  more open to just recipes and not centered around categories or tagging
  • No meal planner
  • No separate ingredient area, you could add ingredients in a large text box instead of drop down boxes
  • No requirement on a separate database.

As you can see it would be a very basic web site.  The question is does anyone see a reason to do this?  If there is a demand I will create it.


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