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Future Releases of OpenEats

We are almost to the 1.0 final release and we have planned out a fair amount of the new features for future releases of OpenEats.  But first I want to discuss the versioning of OpenEats.

The 1.0.x will contain only bug fixes and no new features.

The 1.X will contain new features along with bug fixes.

The following features are planned for version 1.1 and will be fleshed out in further detail after the 1.0 final release.

  • One of the most requested features is to the ability to have a ingreident appear more then once  on a recipe.  This feature will be part of the 1.1 release and is working on my development server
  • Recipes are visual and the picture feature of OpenEats needs to stand out more. I am not 100% sure how this will flesh out, but I want the pictures of recipes to play a bigger part then just a thumbnail next to the title
  • The last three recipes a user has looked at will appear in a navigation bar to allow them to easily jump back and forth when trying to compare recipes
  • OpenEats needs to be more “social” and to do that you will be able to follow users and get notified when you login when a user that you are following has submited a new recipe.  You will also be able to see what a user last commented on or rated
  • The menu feature needs some love, right now you can’t add anything to it that is not on OpenEats.  This does not make sense, if you are going to make a hamburger with fries, you won’t find a fry recipe on OpenEats.  So to fix this you will be able to add things to the menus that are not recipes on OpenEats.  Along with that you will be able to edit all the descritptions of the items you add to a menu so that you are not stuck with what is contained with a recipe.
  • The upgrade procedure will be improved by re-naming default config files so they do not over write your config files every time you do an upgrade.  Along with having a web interface that will load any database changes since the previous version.
  • The email address that is displayed in the event a user gets an issue with your site is hard coded.  I am going to make this a configuration option during the install so that you can change it

For 1.2 we have planned only two features, but they are major.

  • An Admin interface to the backend of OpenEats.  We will solicte feed back from the community on what they want to see.
  • Internalization so that OpenEats can be enjoyed by anyone

If there is something else you would like to see please post a comment here or a comment in our forums.


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