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OpenEats 1.1 is out in the wild

OpenEats has just released their new version 1.1.  This version introuduces a lot of request features and several bug fixes.  To download this new version head over to For any issues please visit our forums

New Features:

  • Prior to 1.1 you could not add the same ingredient more then once to a recipe.  With this new release you now have the freedeom to add the same ingredient as many times as you want to any recipe
  • Recipe history is a new feature that list the four most recent recipes you have viewed on the right upper side bar, allowing you to quickly go back and forth between recipes you are looking at
  • A new upgrade script that allows you to easily upgrade to a new version of OpenEats was included in this release
  • A new delete link is now displayed next to all your menus when you view the list menu page.  That was you can easily remove menus with out having to click into each menu to view it prior to deleting it
  • You can now add items to your menus that are not recipes in OpenEats.  This comes in handy if you want to list a certain type of wine you will be serving with your menu.  Prior to this release you could only add items found in OpenEats to your menus.
  • You can change the descriptions of recipes you add to menus.  In the past you had to use the despcrtiptions that the recipe creator added to a recipe.  Now when you add a recipe to a menu you can alter that description just for your menu.
  • Enhanced the users profile by adding a new section that will list the most recent recipes a user has commented on and rated
  • You can now add your email address so that it is displayed on all the error pages, prior to this it would display a bogus email address and you would have to edit each error page by hand to change it to your address.


  • Corrected a bug that would not displlay a picture for a recipe if the recipe title was very long
  • Corrected a bug in the Grocery List feature where a new row was not generated properly when you added a recipe to a new Grocery List
  • Corrected a bug where you could not schedule a menu the link was not passing the proper information
  • Corrected a bug where the quanity of items was not being displayed properly on grocery lists
  • Corrected a bug when you added a recipe to a menu, you where not properly being redirected to the menu page after the recipe was added.

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Diet Version of OpenEats

When I was planning OpenEats, it was always my intention to release two versions.  The one you see now, and a “diet version”  The diet version would be based off the same code base as the current version, just slimmed down.  It would be more suited to people who want to run OpenEats on a computer to just store their own recipes.  The following features would be removed to make the diet version all about recipes;

  • No comments or rating
  • No menus
  • No grocery lists
  • No accounts or sign in
  • The recipe page would have far less requirements it would be  more open to just recipes and not centered around categories or tagging
  • No meal planner
  • No separate ingredient area, you could add ingredients in a large text box instead of drop down boxes
  • No requirement on a separate database.

As you can see it would be a very basic web site.  The question is does anyone see a reason to do this?  If there is a demand I will create it.

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